Catechesis refers to education in the teachings and practices of Christianity. Formal catechesis (e.g. classes, group meetings, or one-on-one instruction) normally preceeds the confirmation of youth in Lutheran churches, the reception of new members to a congregation (especially from non-Lutheran churches), and the conversion of young people or adults to Christianity. However, in many churches, catechesis is also a life-long process, in which Christians intentionally deepen their understanding of the Way of Jesus through continuous learning and doing.

An update: “Table and Font: Who is Welcome at the Table?” study and conversation The “Table and Font” conversation has been taking place in this church for this past year in response to a memorial that was sent to the 2013 Churchwide Assembly. From this memorial and the Church Council’s […]

“Table and Font” Update

That black lives matter should be obvious but unfortunately it is not. Black Lives Matter is not simply a rhetorical expression coined by a few. It is in fact an existential cry with deeply spiritual roots. Born from the depths of centuries of collective oppression (remember slavery, indentured servitude, Jim Crow,) it is an expression of the groans of the Spirit of which Paul spoke, the collective prayer of a people demanding their right to exist, their inalienable right to be. Read more.

The Journal of Lutheran Ethics, October 2015